Local Deal Advertising

Local Deals Will Never Be The Same.

Pullpp.com focuses on helping local businesses optimize their less busy hours by offering targeted deals. This approach can be beneficial for both businesses and consumers.

What is Pullpp?!

Pullpp is a unique platform designed to boost your business during off-peak hours ort seasons. By offering targeted deals at times you choose, we help you attract more customers when you need them most, all for a predictable flat fee. Think of it as a way to turn your slow hours into profitable ones!

Targeted Deals for Off-Peak Hours:

For Businesses: This allows businesses to generate revenue during hours when they would otherwise have few customers. It can help in covering fixed costs (like rent, utilities, and staff wages) that remain constant regardless of how many customers they serve.

For Consumers: They get the benefit of deals and potentially less crowded venues.

Flat Fee Model:

This is different from the revenue-sharing model that many deal sites use. A flat fee can be more predictable for businesses and might be more attractive to some, especially if they expect to sell a large volume of discounted items or services.

It also ensures that the platform (Pullpp.com in this case) gets paid regardless of the success of the deal, reducing its risk.

Flexibility for Businesses:

Businesses can choose which hours or days they want to promote, giving them control over when they want to attract more customers.

They can also adjust their offers based on feedback and results, allowing for a more dynamic and responsive marketing approach.

Potential for Customer Loyalty:

While the primary goal is to attract customers during off-peak hours, there’s also the potential to convert these deal-seekers into regular customers. If they have a positive experience, they might return even without a deal.

Community Engagement:

By focusing on local businesses, the platform can foster a sense of community. Supporting local businesses can be a selling point for many consumers.

Data Collection and Analysis:

Pullpp.com can collect data on which deals are most popular, the times that see the most redemptions, and feedback from businesses and customers. This data can be invaluable for refining the platform’s offerings and providing insights to businesses.

Benefits Of Pullpp Vs. Groupon

Pullpp.com offers a unique approach compared to traditional group-buy or coupon sites. Here’s why it might be more advantageous for both businesses and consumers in your area. 

For Local Businesses:

Predictable Costs:

With a flat fee model, businesses know upfront how much they’re spending. This contrasts with revenue-sharing models where the cost to the business can vary based on the number of deals sold.

Targeted Traffic:

By focusing on off-peak hours, businesses can drive traffic when they need it most. This helps optimize their operations and can lead to better resource utilization.


Businesses have the autonomy to choose which hours or days they want to promote, allowing them to tailor deals to their specific needs.

Customer Conversion Potential:

 By offering deals during off-peak times, businesses have a better chance to provide excellent service due to lower crowds, potentially converting deal-seekers into loyal customers.

Less Risk of Overwhelming Demand:

Traditional group-buy sites can sometimes lead to an overwhelming demand that businesses aren’t prepared for, leading to negative customer experiences. By targeting off-peak hours, businesses can better manage and predict the influx of customers.

For Local Consumers:

Better Experience:

Deals during off-peak hours mean fewer crowds and potentially faster service, leading to a more enjoyable experience.

Unique Deals:

The focus on off-peak hours might lead to unique deals that aren’t available on other platforms.

Supporting Local Businesses:

By helping businesses during their less busy times, consumers can feel good about supporting their local economy and community.

Less Urgency:

 Unlike some deal sites that create a sense of urgency with limited-time offers, consumers might feel less pressured and more inclined to explore deals at their own pace.

Predictable Deal Availability:

With deals targeted at specific times, consumers can plan better and know when to avail of the offers.

More Advantages:

Clear Value

Pullpp’s focus on off-peak hours provides a clear and unique value proposition, making it stand out from other deal sites.


Emphasizing local businesses can foster a sense of community, which can be a strong selling point for many consumers and businesses alike.

Data-Driven Insights:

Over time, Pullpp.com can gather data on consumer preferences and business needs, refining its offerings and providing valuable insights to its partners.

How Does Pullpp Work?

By bridging the gap between local businesses and the community, Pullpp ensures that both parties benefit. Businesses get the visibility and patronage they deserve, while users get access to the juiciest deals in town. Join us in this local revolution!

At Pullpp, we’ve revolutionized the way local businesses connect with potential customers. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how our platform operates:

Data-Driven Approach:

We’ve partnered with Juicy Ninja Data Co., a leading data analytics firm, to ensure that our outreach is not just vast but also effective. This collaboration allows us to tap into a rich reservoir of data, ensuring that our marketing efforts are targeted and impactful.

City-Specific Websites:

Every city we’re present in has its dedicated website, reflecting its unique culture and vibe. This ensures that the local businesses and deals resonate with the community’s spirit.

Organized Business Listings:

Businesses are systematically categorized based on their industry and specific nature. This makes it easier for users to navigate and find deals that interest them.

Extensive Outreach:

  • Email Campaigns: We send out over 50,000 emails per month for every city we operate in. These emails are tailored to promote local businesses and their exclusive deals.

  • Social Media: Our active presence on various social media platforms amplifies our reach, ensuring that local deals get the attention they deserve.

  • Local Networks: We’ve integrated with platforms like Nextdoor to ensure that the community is well-informed about the fantastic deals in their vicinity.

Personalized Marketing:

Users have the option to select businesses as their favorites. Once they do, they receive weekly email and text reminders about these businesses, ensuring that they never miss out on a great deal.

Feedback Mechanism:

Customers can leave reviews, providing valuable feedback. However, these reviews are not publicly visible. Instead, they serve as constructive feedback for businesses to understand their areas of improvement. Our goal is to foster a positive environment where businesses can grow and refine their offerings.

Transparent Pricing:

For users, accessing Pullpp and availing the deals is absolutely free. Businesses, on the other hand, pay a simple flat fee to be featured on our platform, with no hidden costs or percentages.

Join Pullpp.com

For businesses interested in joining our platform, the process is straightforward. Sign up, select your package, and start showcasing your deals to thousands of potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ninja Mail

These FAQs provide a general overview, the specifics might vary based on the platform or service provider a local business chooses to work with.

Pullpp is a unique platform designed to help local businesses boost their customer traffic during off-peak hours through targeted deals.

Unlike traditional deal sites, Pullpp focuses on promoting your off-peak hours, allowing you to optimize your operations and attract customers when you need them most.

We operate on a flat fee model, ensuring you know upfront how much you’re spending without any hidden costs or revenue-sharing.

You have complete flexibility to choose which hours or days you want to promote, tailoring deals to your specific business needs.

Yes, we offer a user-friendly interface that allows you to adjust your deals based on feedback and results

Our platform provides analytics and insights, showing you how many customers are engaging with your deal and when they’re redeeming it.

We have different packages available, catering to businesses of all sizes. Whether you want to post one deal or multiple, we have an option for you.

Customers can redeem deals directly through our platform, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and them.

While our primary focus is off-peak hours, we understand every business is unique. Contact our support team, and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Simply sign up on our platform, choose your package, and start creating your deals. Our user-friendly interface makes the process straightforward.

No, we believe in flexibility. You can choose how long you want to run your deals without any long-term commitments.

We have a review process in place to ensure all deals meet our quality standards, ensuring a positive experience for consumers.

The discount you offer is entirely up to you. We recommend offering deals that are attractive to customers while still being sustainable for your business.

While we facilitate the deal, any customer service issues related to the product or service should be handled directly by your business. We’re here to support and provide guidance if needed.

Absolutely! We encourage businesses to share their Pullpp deals across all their marketing channels for maximum visibility.

You have complete control over your deals. If you wish to pause or stop a promotion, you can do so directly from your dashboard.